Originating from a vision to revolutionize recycling, Busch Systems was established as a means to develop innovative recycling products complimented by a steadfast commitment to superior customer service, quality and environmental preservation.

The company was founded on the heels of the first curb side recycling program introduced in 1981. The initiative was formulated in response to diminishing opportunities for landfills and integrated industrial collection carts throughout residential communities in Kitchener Ontario. At the programs onset containers originally intended to service industrial environments were implemented. The oversized bins were equipped with heavy duty plastics and rudimentary sorting mechanisms, which proved strenuous for the environment and the end user.

Craig Busch recognized the programs shortcomings and the potential for improved collection systems which effectively target residential and commercial uses. The ambition was to transform the disposal and collection of recyclable material with customized containers designed to maximize participation rates and reduce our carbon footprint.

In 1985 Craig founded Busch Systems, a small manufacturing company which constructed lightweight, durable containers incorporating simplified sorting mechanisms and smaller moulds. From such the means for servicing any space collecting recyclable materials with customized receptacles ensued.

Several companies have attempted to capitalize on the inventions patented by Busch, establishing alternative recycling solutions which fail to parallel the quality and commitment to sustainability which Busch fosters. Including, the mandated development of containers consisting of thirty five percent recycled content, which are one hundred percent recyclable and made in North America. In 2008, it became apparent how this dedication has truly benefited the environment, as consumers who purchased Busch products reduced the amount of valuable resources consumed by over five hundred thousand pounds.

From its humble beginnings twenty five years ago the company has expanded internationally, with a product portfolio detailing upward of two hundred products and over forty employees. The company develops more new moulded recycling, waste and compost container than all other manufactures combined. Further, today over ninety percent of Ontario households and over forty million households worldwide utilize curb side recycling programs with customized containers. This is thanks in part to the efforts pioneered by Busch and its passion for economical, durable and future friendly products.