1)      Recycled Content

Maximize the effectiveness of your environmental regime by using recycling bins made of recycled materials.  Busch Systems uses a minimum of 35% recycled content in all of their containers, producing durable, quality assured products optimal for our customers and the environment.

2)      Visual Indicators

Ensure that a recycling bin sorts recyclables effectively by using the correct combination of visual indicators. For example, a clearly marked label coupled with a circular shaped deposit slot indicates to the end user that the container is for recycling cans, glass or plastic bottles. Busch Systems offers a large variety of recycling bins designed with these visual indicators in mind.

View our product catalogue online at: www.buschsystems.com for a complete listing of recycling bin colors, labels and shape options available in multiple languages.

3)      Capacity

When selecting a recycling bin be sure to regulate the containers capacity. Determine how much traffic you anticipate the container to have and how often it will require collection. Listed below are a few things to bear in mind when selecting the size of a recycling bin:

a)      Select a bin which will not reach capacity prior to collection.

b)      Do not select an oversized container which may occupy valuable space in your facility.

c)       Ensure that the bin is an appropriate size for its intended location, in relation to any preexisting recycling programs.

If you have successfully evaluated each of these considerations, then the implementation of a recycling system should prove to be a smooth and productive transition.

4)      Ease of Collection

An effective recycling program should be simple and functional for both the recycler and the container collector. A recycling bin should be easily accessible and easy to collect, with handles and bottom gripes. This combination will ensure that the greatest amount of materials are recycled and collected with the greatest ease.

5)      Ease of Use

Be sure to select a recycling bin which is functional for your environment. The container should be easy to use without occupying a great deal of space. Busch Systems offers bins which are versatile and designed to work with your environment, such as, mountable bins for increased kitchen counter space, desk side bins for increased leg room and stackable containers for easy storage. Large wheeled containers are also available for easy transportation of materials, as well as, lidded containers equipped with easy open covers.

6)      Intelligent Design

An intelligently designed recycling bin should collect the greatest amount of recyclables, while reducing the amount of oil and gas resources consumed. When selecting a recycling bin look for those with advanced stacking mechanisms, this will increase the amount of bins which can fit in a given shipment and reduce the amount of fuel consumed during the distribution process. An intelligently designed recycle bin should also be made of materials with reduced effects on the environment, such as, those used at Busch Systems which are 100% recyclable.

7)      Quality of Product

A quality recycle bin should be functional, durable and effective. For the past 25 years Busch Systems has successfully adopted this policy, as the industry leader in recycling containers. They produce more new molded recycling containers each year than all other manufacturers combined, all of which are proudly made in North America. Busch produces high quality products with lowered effects on the environment, which reduces our carbon footprint and revolutionizes our future.

8)      Appropriate Recycling Programs

Even the most suitable recycling bin will be ineffective with an inappropriate recycling program. Take advantage of the free consultations offered by Busch Systems on how to successfully organize a recycling program. The sessions provide information and training on products, implementation, maintenance and strategies that will maximize your program potential and participation rate.

9)      Environmental Benefits

When selecting a recycling bin take the time to determine what type of container will service the environment best depending on your individual needs. For example, those seeking a recycling bin for a concert would have different needs than those looking to supply a corporate office.

The following is a list of recycling bin alternatives:

a)      Organics Only: similar to a composter, this bin stores organic materials.

b)      Cans & Bottles: a collection of cans, glass and plastic bottles.

c)       Waste: a collection on non-renewable resources.

d)      Paper: storage bins for discarded papers.

e)      Batteries Only: for safe storage and disposal of batteries.

10)   Aesthetically Pleasing

Tired of finding new ways to inconspicuously store your hideous recycling bins? Busch Systems has designed containers which are not only durable but are also aesthetically pleasing. One of the new cutting edge products which Busch has produced is the ‘Big Bottle Recycler’ which is a bottle shaped container large enough to hold 35 gallons of bottles and cans. This recycling bin is ideal for large venue locations such as: stadiums, theme parks and theaters.

For information: www.buschsystems.com
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