Recycling Bins ManufacturerEvery day people ask me the question: “What makes Busch Systems different”? It really is a great question. After all, Busch isn’t the only company that manufactures recycling bins. I often refer to the home page of the website as a great starting point to answering this question. When you land on the home page, there is an animation at the top which depicts a sun traveling across a green horizon followed by the words “You can make a difference…. start today”. That says it all to me. Busch Systems is all about making a difference.

As I look around our new facility, I realize that the building is more than just the headquarters of a recycling bin manufacturer. The green, sustainable and ergonomic design of every aspect of the building is all about making a difference in employees’ lives. We spend a huge amount of our waking hours at our place of employment and Busch Systems offers one of the very best working environments imaginable. Making a difference in the lives of our team helps our team to better make a difference in the lives of our customers.

By offering the most diverse line of recycling, waste, and compost containers in the world — and better yet, offering customized recycling bins, to boot – Busch Systems is helping to make a difference in recycling programs around the world.

Providing recycling resources such as those for promoting recycling for kids is another means of making a difference in our world. What better way to help affect change than to promote a green culture with the next generation?

By creating new and innovative recycling containers, recycling programs worldwide are seeing the benefits. Higher participation rates, less contamination, and more aesthetics in recycling programs are all ways Busch Systems is helping to make a difference.

This not only makes Busch Systems different, but it also makes Busch Systems a difference-maker.

by Chris McBrien