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The New Way To Track Your Recycling Program

Let's Recycle Better, Together.

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Recycling and Waste Tracking Made Simple

Get away from the cold, dull excel spreadsheet tracking methods of yesterday that require hours and hours of setup and data collection. The Resource Center offers a simple-to-use and innovative way of tracking waste data on a daily basis, without the need to collect actual weights. Simply input the approximate “fullness” of your disposal containers and let The Resource Center do the rest!

Find Cost Savings You Never Knew Existed

Container servicing has never been so efficient! Reduce staff time by only sending them to containers you know are full based on historical data! Discover new opportunities for recycling stream collections and reduce the cost of expensive waste pickup.

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Save Money and The Environment

Companies who recycle better, perform better. Gain access to robust recycling and waste tracking data displayed on an intuitive dashboard that gives personalized information on how you can save money and reduce your impact on the environment.

Prioritize and Customize Your Efforts

Virtually every aspect of The Resource Center can be customized to suit your organization’s specific collection program. Segment your recycling collection system into separate areas of your organization to make quick, analytical comparisons. Quickly see the positive impacts your diversion strategies have had and promptly replicate them throughout your entire company!

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Cutting-Edge Marketing Materials

Gain immediate access to modern marketing materials that boost your participation rates, which will increase your diversion rates and reduce operational costs! It’s time to say “out with the old” with recycling marketing materials floating around the web and in with modern designs that have an impact with viewers.