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Disclaimer X

The Greenway Principle has been edited for the internet, and contains no containers that are unsuitable for the collection of waste and recycling. That being said, the opinions in this survey are that of a number of sustainability specialist and a staff with over one-hundred years of combined experience in the industry, and are intended to be used as a guideline to start your recycling program.

User discretion is advised.

Once completed, we still encourage you to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff and go over the details, to ensure that the container(s) recommended here is the right one for you.

Indoor Or Outdoor X

Is the intended use of the container to be indoors, protected from the elements and violent critters?

Or is the container to go outdoors, exposed to the harsh elements and lawless critters?

Number of Streams X

How many streams will the containers be collecting? Count up all the contents you would like to separate (i.e. Waste, Cans & Bottles, Paper, etc.). Consult your hauler to see what streams they can accept if in doubt.

+Note, 4+ includes 4 stream or greater containers. For example, if you will be collecting 5 streams, please select the 4+ stream button.

Required Capacity X

Select the size of your desired container. Are you looking for smaller collection (16 gallons or less for each stream), Standard Collection (16-30 Gallons per stream) or Large (30 Gallons or more per stream).

State/Province X

Let us know where you are located! Is salt and sand a concern where you live? Does your state/province collect refundables? Knowing where you are located may play a factor in our container recommendations.

Where Will They Go X

Where is the containers desired destination?

Deskside: Under or near a desk, small cubicles, individual offices, etc.

Common Space: Centralized, Hallway, Cafeteria, Lunchroom, Front Foyer, Public Washrooms, Board Rooms, etc.

Industrial Area: Warehouse, Plant, Manufacturing Facility, Workshop, Back of House.

Front or Top Access X

Would you prefer that when servicing the containers, access come from the front or top? Note: Top access is often preferred in areas where snow accumulation is a concern.

Hard or Soft Ground X

What surface will these containers be placed on? Hard ground (i.e. Pavement, Concrete, Patio, etc.) or Soft Ground (Grass, Field, Sand, etc.)

Your Style X

Bright & Colorful: Are you looking for colors to distinguish your program and you? Do you want the containers to stand out, and make people aware of where and how your recycling stations work?

Contemporary & Subtle: Stainless Steel? Wood finish? Trying to blend in with your new or renovated building? Take a look at our more contemporary and modern options.

Organization Type X

Tell us what type of building they will be going in.

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Who We Are

We’re an innovative, passionate, knowledgeable group of individuals who treat our clients and each other with respect and enthusiasm. We’re a company who thinks about the environment every day and designs, recommends and customizes waste and recycling solutions for collection programs across all industries. We’re dedicated to our philanthropic efforts and activities on and off the company clock. Every day we try our best to say ‘thank you’ to our colleagues and customers, while sharing a laugh too, that’s just who WE are!

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Boka Series

Our Team

We live in a big city with a small town feel and it’s highly reflective of the characters and personalities present at our Busch Systems headquarters. Every one of us dares to be different, yet at the same time we work together, passionately, for the noble cause of minimizing our clients environmental impact through recycling and waste diversion. We’re downright devoted to our customers and love to hear the success stories that come from a recycling program implemented to perfection.

Meet Us

Busch Systems Dragon Boat Team

Don't Just Take Our Word For It


One of the main reasons that I choose Busch Systems recycling containers for the campus of Youngstown State University is because of their high-quality recycled-content product lines   - Youngstown State University

The Busch Systems Team Getting Social

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Busch Systems Helps Two Local Schools Boost Their Sustainability and Composting Efforts

Getting youth excited about recycling is something we are always glad to have the opportunity to be a part of. Just in time for Earth Day 2015, we picked two deserving high schools, Nantyr...

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Botanical Manufacturing May be the Future of How We Make Furniture

  British designer Gavin Munro has come up with a way to really up your sustainability game, He has created a way to manufacture household furniture that isn’t made by machines in a factory,...

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Busch Systems

Busch Systems

Shared publicly - Apr 24, 2015

Happy #ArborDay! Show some love to a #tree today by using fewer paper products...hugging a tree wouldn't... [Read More]

Busch Systems

Busch Systems

Shared publicly - Apr 24, 2015

Next week we'll be showcasing our #Recycling bins & #Sustainability knowledge at #MASSbuys EXPO 2015... [Read More]

Busch Systems

Busch Systems

Shared publicly - Apr 23, 2015

#UCBerkeley defends their #RecycleMania title for 3rd straight year! [Read More]

Busch Systems

Busch Systems

Shared publicly - Apr 23, 2015

#EarthDay may be over but we should be making it Earth Day Every Day! [Read More]

MASSBuys - Dollarphotoclub_50727736 Cropped


Hosted by the Operational Services Division (OSD) of Massachusetts, the MASSBuys EXPO is the largest Business to Government (B2G) event of the year for Commonwealth Statewide Contractors. This year’s theme is “Meet me at...

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The 41st Annual RCBC Conference &Trade Show

Hosted by the Recycling Council of British Columbia, the 41st RCBC Conference & Trade Show is taking place at the beautiful Fairmont Chateau Whistler Resort in Whistler, BC from May 6-8 2015. Over 300...

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