Barrie, ON – September 18, 2009 –

Busch Multi Recycler

This fall Conestoga College will be introducing a new progressive classroom recycling program which utilizes Busch Systems line of customized ‘Multi-Recyclers’. The college will be integrating over two thousand recycling bins into each of their classrooms. Each classroom will have a stack of three containers in order to easily separate waste and recycling. The program hopes to establish alternative recycling options for academic spaces and will be employing receptacles comprised of 35% recycled content, multi-insertion slots and stacking mechanisms to accomplish such.

Conestoga, the number one publicly funded college in Ontario, is eager to see the effects of incorporating this recycling program. The academic institution has worked hard to establish itself as Canada’s premier polytechnic institution. The implementation of this program clearly demonstrates the college’s investment in fostering innovation and excellence in both their students and the environment in which they inhabit.

The ‘Multi-Recycler’ recycling bins were selected to maximize the success of the program as it is designed to simplify the separation and collection of waste and recyclable materials. This recycling container is ideal for academic environments as a result of its space efficient design, sturdy stacking, easy to clean design and effective collection of over 22 liters (per bin), of sorted recyclables and waste.

The recycling bins are designed and manufactured by Busch Systems, the North American leader of waste and recycling containers for the past twenty five years. They have set the industry standard for producing more new molded bins each year than all other manufacturers combined, all of which are proudly made in North America and environmentally conscious.

According to Marty Pepper, Director of Operations for Busch Systems, “We look forward to the longevity of this new partnership with Conestoga College. I believe that the program will effectively educate students on the importance of preserving our natural resources through the proper recycling and reduction of waste, which in turn will hopefully motivate others to do the same”.

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