Whether an environmental fanatic, moderate participant or someone simply seeking information we must work together toward the very real, immediate and necessary conservation of our natural resources and energy. Without such efforts our environment cannot sustain itself.  One of the ways in which we can contribute to environmentalism is by encouraging the design, manufacturing and purchasing of products which contain recycled content, such as, recycling bins.

The benefits of purchasing recycling bins made of recycled content are fourfold. Firstly, it creates a use for recycled materials. Secondly, in using less virgin materials we conserve our natural resources. Thirdly, it generates a market for recycled materials. Fourthly, it supports the continual manufacturing of the products which enables the cycle to evolve.

Busch Systems is the industry leader in recycling bins. For the past 25 years they have produced more new molded recycling containers each year than all other manufacturers combined. The company commits, “To always us[ing] the most recycled material possible in all products … created while maintaining the quality and durability … [their] customers have come to expect” (Busch Systems Environmental Policy, 2009). One of the ways in which they fulfill this policy is by using a minimum of 35% recycled content in all of their containers, majority of which are also 100% recyclable.

In 2008, people who purchased Busch Systems products over others reduced the amount of valuable resources consumed by over 500,000 pounds. In reducing the amount of raw materials used by substituting them for recycled content we are able to foster sustainability and revolutionize our future.

Coincidently, corporations such as Busch do more than just design and manufacture environmentally conscious recycling bins they also serve to generate a market for recovered materials.  A market is developed as a result of the commoditization of recycled content, whereby the materials can flourish. If a market is not readily available the process cannot excel, and neither can our environment.

After a market is generated for recycling bins made of recycled content the products must be purchased in order to complete the recycling loop. In today’s unstable economy consumers must be made aware of the benefits and be interested in their results so to take the needed step toward purchasing them, otherwise the containers will not profitable for various corporations to produce and inevitably seize to exist.

In conclusion, the responsibility weighs heavily on each consumer to select products which are environmentally friendly and to hold corporations accountable for producing such products. If each of us takes this responsibility to heart we can truly effect change.

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