Empty wine bottles

Wine and cheese go together like wine bottles and upcycling do. After your next girl’s night in or wine and cheese party, instead of putting your bottles in the recycling bin, give upcycling a try! Doesn’t that sound like a fun idea? You’d be surprised by how many ways there are to upcycle a wine bottle. An upcycled wine bottle can make an excellent addition to any wine lovers home or make a wonderful gift.

It’s time to pull out that cork, pour yourself a glass and start upcycling!

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Decorations and Center Pieces

Level of Difficulty: Easy!

Empty wine bottle center piece

Wine bottle centerpieces and decorations are an easy yet trendy way to bring life to your home. Let your guests know that you are a ton of fun by creating a wine bottle arrangement on your counter. Some bottles are spectacular enough on their own that you don’t have to do anything to the bottle, simply let the design do the talking.

We all know that once the wine starts flowing, the inner artist in all of us begins to come out. To bring your wine bottle to the next level, paint your old bottles with chalkboard paint. This makes an excellent rustic decoration for your kitchen! Write anything you’d like on the bottles in white chalk for a fun, personal touch. Use your new chalkboard wine bottle as a guest book for your next party! Have all your guests sign the wine bottle and save it as a fun memento.

Another simple decorative idea is to to use a bottle as a flower vase. By putting a couple of long-stemmed flowers into your wine bottle, you can easily make a beautiful centerpiece for your table. Ribbon, colored paper, and paint can all spruce up your bottles no matter what the occasion is.

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Level of Difficulty: Easy!

Empty bottle book ends

Bookends make an elegant touch in any living room! Put your fancy wine bottles up for display with your book collection as a new décor piece in your living room. I would recommend filling your wine bottle with sand to add some weight. You don’t need to do anything else except add some books in between your beautiful new bookends.

As an added touch you can even include other decorations like fake grapes or a small wine rack to create a display for each book end. We’re sure that during the process of emptying the wine bottles, you’ll come up with even more creative ideas!

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Drinking Glasses

Level of Difficulty: Medium!

Empty bottle drinking glasses

Although you may sometimes be tempted to drink wine straight out of the bottle, why not transform the bottle into a drinking glass! This way you can still drink out of the bottle but not have people giving you dirty looks. All you have to do is cut the top off of a bottle and voila you have a wine bottle drinking glass.

The process of cutting your bottles in half is surprisingly easy, and you don’t need any fancy machinery. All you need is some string, a lighter, nail polish remover, a bowl of ice water and some practice!

The first step Is to soak your string in some nail polish remover and tie it around your bottle where you want the cut to be. Next, light the string on fire all the way around and wait until it burns out (about 30 seconds). Once burnt out, place the bottle into an ice bath. This should quickly snap the bottle in two.

The last and final step is to sand down any rough edges that may still be left on the glass.

Once you get the hang of cutting the bottles in half, it is extremely easy to do and the results look fantastic!

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Serving Tray

Level of Difficulty: Hard!

Empty bottle serving tray

Flattening a bottle may not be the easiest of tasks to do on your own but it never fails to impress your guests. If you can get your hands on a kiln (a special heating furnace), then this won’t be a problem at all.

Flattening wine bottles is becoming the newest trend. Wine lovers have discovered that if you flatten out a wine bottle, it transforms into an excellent serving platter. This makes the perfect display tray for your cheese and other hors d’oeuvres. Your guests will certainly be raving about this piece at your next wine and cheese party!

Let’s get a nice buzz going about upcycling wine bottles!


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