Recycling Bin for Milk BottlesMany schools have a milk program in place and some are making the transition to the milk bottles made of HDPE plastic. I had a customer call in and asked if we had a recycling container that could be used to collect not only the plastic milk bottles, but also the left over milk.

The janitorial staff had been complaining that the excess milk that was being thrown in the waste containers was leading to leaking bags and an unsightly mess. I immediately thought of our “Coffee Cup Recycler” This recycling container was designed to collect and separate plastic lids, waxed lined cups as well as unwanted coffee.

My question was: would the plastic milk bottle fit into the existing molded opening? I tested it with a milk bottle I purchased from a local restaurant and it did fit. So to answer the question on do we have a container that can be used as a “Milk Bottle Recycling Container” the answer is yes!

The “Coffee Cup Recycler” now has a dual purpose. Now teachers and students alike can empty the unwanted milk into the 2.5 gallon liner and easily eliminate the problem. They can collect their milk bottles and lids into the larger containers. They can also change the look of the “Coffee Cup Recycler” to fit their Milk Bottle Program, by simply adding a customized wrap that will enhance their “Milk Bottle Recycling Program” and make it a successful one that they can be proud of.

“From the Recycling Experts”

by Donna Hovey