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The St. John Ambulance Regina Training Centre has started a new pilot program to increase our recycling efforts and offer a centralized recycling and waste collection area within our training facility.

Busch Systems Recycling Station

Busch Systems Recycling Station

The program consisted of removing all trash cans and storage bins within our Regina training rooms and purchasing from Busch Systems our new Waste Watchers centralized collection containers. The Waste Watchers recycling containers are located directly within our training rooms and offer a clean and efficient way for our students to recycle at St. John Ambulance.

Prior to the installation of our Waste Watchers centralized collection containers, the St. John Ambulance training rooms had small waste baskets and an open top storage container for the students to use as a recycling bin.

The proof is in our course evaluation forms.  Many of our students comment about the effective use of space, great labelling and the neat approach to the Waste Watcher recycling stations.  The product sells itself, as many students and instructors have asked the training centre manager where they can purchase this system for their home, garage or office.

This pilot program has proven to be a huge success in many areas, such as  recycling, cleanliness, effective use of space and most importantly customer and student satisfaction.

Thank you Busch Systems!


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