October 28th 2011

Virginia Military Institute is expanding its recycling program this year, and has Busch Systems to thank for one of our biggest success stories. At VMI, all 1600 cadets are housed in a four-story Barracks. Limited space and stringent aesthetic requirements greatly restricted where we could locate a recycling center; and funding was limited as well. We had to re-use an existing recycling container for bottles and cans, and repurposed a large shipping crate for cardboard collection, so when it came to collecting mixed paper in Barracks, we needed a durable, easy to maintain, easily recognizable container with a small footprint. The Super Sorter was the perfect fit. The slanted top prevents cadets from carelessly leaving debris on the container, and the colored plate with restrictive opening is a strong visual cue that “paper goes here”. The top is easy to manage, and bags are easy to change, which is an added bonus because Barracks recycling is completely cadet-managed. Our next step is to try out a Busch Systems product in cadet rooms, so they can sort paper from other recyclables and carry them easily to the recycling center. The second photo attached shows how little space we had, and how the Smart Sort fits in.

I couldn’t have asked for a better customer experience than with Busch Systems. The customer service personnel take the time to learn about the unique needs of our institution and go to great and creative lengths to find solutions that will increase recycling participation. They willingly share examples of how their containers are being used and seem to have come across just about every scenario in the book. Busch Systems is timely with information and with shipping. The products provide great value for the cost, especially when you consider the range of color and print options that are offered in most of the product lines. I would recommend Busch Systems to any institution that is looking to start or grow their recycling program.”

MAJ Jennifer D.

Virginia Military Institute