Barrie, ON – December 12, 2009 – Busch Systems has introduced a new event recycling container. The ‘Big Bottle Recycler’ is ideal for large outdoor events. The container stands nearly 5 feet tall and resembles a plastic pop bottle. It is attractive, easy to use and can be personalized to any recycling program.

The new recycling container is custom designed for large event venues, such as, stadiums, theme parks and theaters. The future friendly container is constructed of durable opaque plastic generated from 100% recycled content. It is among the extensive line of outdoor containers offered at Busch Systems able to withstand large amounts of traffic and severe weather conditions.

Busch Systems has been the North American leader of waste and recycling containers for the past twenty five years. They have set the industry standard for the yearly production of new molded bins. Each container offered by the company is 100% recyclable, made in North America and contains a minimum of 35% recycled content. The ‘Big Bottle Recycler’ is newest edition to the company’s product line. It offers a unique spin on traditional event recycling.

The free standing, large scale recycling container has an optional weighted base. It can also be easily secured to other objects (such as posts), for increased support. The ‘Big Bottle Recycler’ is equipped with a heavy-duty collection bag which is fastened tightly around the upper lip of the bottles base. The bag can collect upward of 30 gallons of bottles and cans. The material which the container is designed to collect is embossed on both sides of the bottle above the openings.

According to Craig Busch, Chief Executive and President of Busch Systems, “The big bottle compliments our goal of providing our customers with the most complete and effective line of recycling containers. The ‘Big Bottle Recycler’ is attractive, easy to use, durable and ideal for event recycling programs and I know it will help many programs increase their diversion rates.”