Who doesn’t like to head to the sunny south during the cold winters we get in the Northern Hemisphere? However, just because we take the time to go on vacation and “get away from the everyday” so-to-speak, that doesn’t mean our recycling efforts should take a break too.

When you head down south on vacation, are you guilty of leaving your recycling habits at home? Just because you are in another country far from home doesn’t mean your actions don’t affect you. Each and every item you make the effort to divert an item from a landfill —anywhere on Earth— you make a difference.

If you’ve seen the Waste Watcher recycling containers from Busch Systems, you know that they pack a punch with any recycling program. Great signage, lid options and versatility are some of the things people love about them.

Well, the next time you head to the Dominican Republic for a vacation in the sun, don’t be surprised if you see a Waste Watcher collection station nearby!

Busch Systems has partnered with Open Clean S.A. to bring the Waste Watchers to a sunny vacation spot near you!

The Waste Watcher collection containers are unique in the sense that the signage and lids make for an all-inclusive recycling program. Using the Waste Watchers makes sure your bottles & cans are separated from paper which in turn is separate from trash.

All-inclusive resorts.

All-inclusive food.

All-inclusive drinks.

All-inclusive recycling.

Make sure the next time YOU take a vacation, that RECYCLING takes a vacation with you. You’ll come back with more than a tan. You’ll come back knowing you made a difference….. even if it was half way around the world.