Barrie, Ontario, May 13, 2013 — Busch Systems has announced the latest addition to their growing line of recycling, waste, and compost bins with the Waste Watcher XL.  A complement to their popular Waste Watcher line of recycling bins, the Waste Watcher XL offers a larger, 32 gallon capacity for collection.

Busch Systems has been a world leader in the design and manufacturing of recycling, compost, and waste containers since the company’s inception in 1985. Busch Systems designs more new molded recycling and waste containers than all other manufacturers combined. This new recycling bin works with the existing 23-gallon Waste Watcher series to create recycling stations with varying capacities, something never before available from the manufacturer.

“The Waste Watcher series has been the most effective solution in waste diversion for years”, states Brandon Rutledge, Product Strategist for Busch Systems. “Applications now with the same great systems and larger capacity are truly endless”.

In addition to allowing for the affixing of a larger bin to existing stations, the Waste Watcher XL meets industry regulations in the healthcare industry to maximize collection while meeting strict capacity limits. By maintaining a 32-gallon capacity, the new Waste Watcher XL meets these industry regulations. Furthermore, the aesthetics of the collection program will remain intact as the new XL unit seamlessly integrates with existing Waste Watcher units.

“The Waste Watcher XL will allow our clients to build recycling stations with streams of different capacity while maintaining the same amazing look”, states Rutledge. “When 23 gallons just won’t do, you can now switch it up and go for the 32 gallons. You won’t be sorry”.

In addition to matching up to existing bins, the new XL remains completely compatible with the current line of Waste Watcher accessories such as the popular sign frames which are designed to fit standard 8.5” x 11” paper, thus allowing for simple customization of signage for any collection program.

For detailed information on the Waste Watcher XL recycling bin, please see:

Busch Systems International, Recycling Made Simple.

An industry leader for over twenty-five years, Busch Systems has expanded internationally, with a product portfolio detailing upward of two hundred products. Busch Systems develops more new molded recycling, waste, and compost containers than all other manufacturers combined.

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