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Here at MSU Recycling, we rely on over 50,000 students, staff, and faculty to recycle to provide our department with material and, more importantly, do their part to keep our campus green. In providing service to a university utilizing 2,200 containers in more than 200 buildings, the containers we use are an important part of the process.

Recycle Sparty

All of our public-area indoor recycling stations are green Waste Watchers from Busch Systems International. Each station has separate containers labeled for white paper, mixed paper and boxboard, plastic and metal, and newspaper. This simple categorization in the collection process helps ease confusion for those who recycle, and it helps keep contamination low from the moment an item is dropped until a load of material is baled and shipped.

Recyle-Sparty-068Having the same recycling stations in our buildings also helps increase the visibility of our program. By acting as a consistent reminder of our presence on campus and the ease of recycling, the Busch Systems recycling containers help our students, staff, and faculty establish the positive habits of reducing, reusing, and recycling.



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