Whidbey Hospital

Whidbey General Hospital is a public district community hospital on Whidbey Island in Washington State.  Because we are in a rural area, we had no curbside recycling pick-up until 2013.  When curbside recycling came to our facility, we wanted to be prepared and implement recycling for containers, box-board and junk mail.  In planning for this, we consulted our Island County Solid Waste coordinator, Jerry Mingo, who had implemented recycling at the Island County Government offices.  He highly recommended Busch Systems products for their performance, price and the fact that they are made with 35% recycled materials and made in North America.

Through a grant from the Whidbey General Hospital Foundation, we were able to purchase 40 of Busch’s Waste Watcher recycling bins for our entire facility and local offices, as well as bins for composting and farm collection of food waste.  We also purchased Busch Systems’ Mini Bin, a small 3 liter trash can that we are using to implement the Mini Max trash collection system.  This system allows our non-clinical areas to convert a desk side trash can to a desk side recycling bin, and hang the small 3 liter trash can from the bin, minimizing garbage and maximizing recycling.  This change alone is forecast to save us around $2000 per year just in bags and will likely reduce our landfill waste by 5-10 percent.

Whidbey General is extremely happy with the look, feel and performance of the Busch Systems products.  Nathan and Cassandra provided excellent customer service and worked with us to refine our quote so that we could maximize our grant.  I would highly recommend doing business with Busch Systems.

Lori T., MA/MS, RD ,CD, CNSC

Green Team Chair

Whidbey Hospital Green Team Recyclers

Whidbey Hospital Green Team Recyclers