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Busch Systems Single Stream recycling lids have greatly benefited the Drew Community.  We are dedicated to leading green lifestyles and recycling is a big part of our waste management.  Drew recently converted to Single Stream recycling and Busch’s Single Stream recycling lids have been a great help.  Drew ranked 6th in RecycleMania’s Per Capita Classic Competition thanks to Busch Systems’ Single Stream recycling lids.

Drew University had 46.63 pounds of recycling per person over the course of the competition.  Drew also ranked 39th overall in RecycleMania’s Grand Champion Competition for which Drew University had a   44.18 % recycling rate.

Using the Single Stream Recycling Lid is really helpful.  In the past, there has been confusion at Drew over recycling bins and garbage bins.   PreviouDrew University Recyclessly, garbage and recycling containers weren’t always labeled properly.  Further confusion was propagated by the need for multiple recycling bins.  Now, Drewids only use one bin for recycling, which is clearly marked by the Busch Single Stream recycling lids.  Another great feature of the Busch lids is that they can fit paper, plastic, and aluminum cans.

I believe that using Busch lids will continue to increase Drew’s recycling rates.  The lids are attractive and promote recycling, making it easier for everyone to participate in the recycling process.  I would recommend these lids for any college campus or community to promote eco-friendly behavior.




Christina N.

Drew University