Recycling symbol on a man's white shirt future

Nothing makes us happier than seeing people getting excited and passionate about recycling. There’s something to be said about a youngster whose interest and dedication to recycling and waste management could make any sustainability coordinator go green with envy.

Ryder is one such recycling star on the rise, with a passion and dedication to recycling and keeping his neighborhood clean, this eco-conscious 10-year-old truly loves the planet and waste management!

Some of the eco-minded tactics Ryder is undertaking in the neighborhood include handing out flyers to his neighbors educating them on how to properly recycle, going on trash walks once a week to ensure his street and other nearby locations are clear of waste, as well as amassing a collection of miniature recycling and waste carts.

Ryder’s mom Judi contacted Busch Systems looking to surprise him with some of our mini recycling carts for his birthday and on hearing what a passionate waste manager he is, we couldn’t wait to send him a birthday surprise!

“…you made Ryder’s day, his week, his month….put simply, you made him very happy. He was so excited to open his huge package from Busch this weekend. He loves everything you sent. Thank you.” Judi, Ryder’s mom

boy with small recycling and waste containers

Ryder with the newest addition to his mini recycling & waste bin collection


Ryder also has 3 mini garbage/recycling trucks and they have been very busy “running routes” with the mini bins he received for his birthday.

“This kid is a true waste management nut. He and his father removed 36 screws from a broken table he found in the neighborhood this weekend just so the legs could be properly recycled and the top could be disposed of. Amazing. Thank you so much for reinforcing his caring spirit.”

It’s so refreshing to see someone so young care about the planet so much and we couldn’t be happier to help encourage that green spirit. Ryder, the world needs more people like you!