We are a governmental agency in Southern California and our division manages solid waste/recycling related activities. In 2012, we received a State grant to implement a K-12 school recycling program focused on bottle/can recycling. The grant funds allowed us to provide recycling containers and related equipment, outreach and education, to all 28 schools in our district.

City of Thousand Oaks Recycling Bin

The Busch Super Sorter 2-in-1 In Action!

We wanted to give schools different options for recycling bins, to fit their capacity needs and aesthetic requirements. Among several other options, we chose the Super Sorter series (2-in-1 and 1-in-1) for a few reasons:


1) they’re made from 65-99% recycled content,

2) Lockable lid option,

3) customizable openings and signage,

4) durable.


In total we purchased thirty-four 1-in-1’s and thirty-four 2-in-1 containers in a variety of colors. These containers have been effective at helping schools divert waste from the landfill, efficiently collect and redeem valuable bottles and cans for fundraising, and teach students the importance of recycling.


Rod C.

City of Thousand Oaks – Environmental Programs

Thousand Oaks, CA, USA