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People who use the Greenfield Farms soccer field in the city of Bedford, NH can now “go green” at any time!  In July, 2011, the Greenfield Farms Goes Green committee installed a recycling container from Busch Systems for bottles and cans at the town soccer field on Greenfield Parkway in Bedford. The recycling container will remind people of the importance of keeping the area clean, and provide a convenient way to recycle those bottles and cans that seem to get left on the ground.

The recycling container is for plastic and glass bottles and aluminum cans only.  These are the most common types of litter found in the area.  With the fall soccer season about to start, the committee hopes that people use the recycling container and support the neighborhood’s efforts to keep the area free of litter.

Event Recycling Container

The committee organizes a clean-up day each year in their development.  The event brings residents out to clean up litter and debris on roadsides and the many acres of common land throughout the development, which has over 200 homes.  The committee was able to keep their “go green” theme going all year through the addition of the Busch Systems recycling bin.  “We also hope the recycle bin reminds every one, young and old, of the importance of preserving public lands.  We care about where we live, and we hope other people who use the area take care,” states the committee chair.





Bedford, NH

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