Barrie, Ontario, January 13, 2011 — Busch Systems International, a leader in recycling, waste and compost containers has recently launched a product that is more aesthetically pleasing than the typical metal recycling receptacle and also takes measures to prevent cross-contamination while providing a fire resistant collection option.

Metal Recycling Bin

The “Evolution” of Recycling

The new Evolution Series is available with a variety of customization based on the specific stream looking to be collected, including the number and shape of openings required.  Its durable construction makes this metal recycling bin capable of standing up to harsh outdoor elements.  This series is equipped with internal opening dividers to avoid cross-contamination, keeping your recyclables valuable.

“It is with great excitement that Busch Systems is finally able to provide a high quality, outdoor metal multi sort unit”, states Serena Brooks, Sales Manager for Busch Systems. “The Evolution Series brings a level of sophistication which sets it apart from traditional outdoor receptacles. Also, the internal dividers offer the benefit of ensuring that your recyclables are kept separate and therefore maintain their value.”

Fire resistant containers are often required for many location entrance ways to meet fire codes. With the majority of recycling and waste containers made from plastic, fire resistance has been limited in the past.  The Evolution Series’ metal construction helps provide a durable and secure means to collect waste and recyclables in any setting.

Steel Recycling Bin

3 Stream Collection

In addition, the Evolution Series is completely customizable to meet the needs of any collection program, further setting it apart from standard collection bins. “Busch Systems is known for being able to customize containers, even with low quantities”, states Brooks. “The Evolution Series allows us to continue with this trend by offering four different size options with customized choices of openings.”




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