Barrie, ON – May 13, 2010 –A renowned post-secondary institution in Milwaukee has introduced a new on campus recycling program. The cutting edge program draws on one of the latest trends in the recycling industry (single-stream recycling) and one of the most advanced recycling bins to hit the market (Busch Systems Multi-Recycler).

Single-stream recycling is a program which collects all recyclables into one container for separation later at a Materials Recovery Facility. This type of program is ideal for academic spaces as it easy to use and operate. The Milwaukee school believes that using single-stream recycling will increase participation on campus by making it more convenient for students to recycle. 1,200 blue and green ‘Multi-Recyclers’ were quickly selected by the school to meet their single-stream program goal.

The Busch Systems ‘Multi-Recycler’ is custom designed for academic recycling programs. The lightweight recycling bin features slanted

insertion slots and simple, open collection methods. It is space efficient, stackable and able to form a free-standing recycling station ideal for tight spaces. The ‘Multi-Recycler’ is also available in an array of colors, labels and custom stamping options which allows it to standout for program users.

Busch Systems has been the North American leader of waste and recycling bins for the past twenty-five years. The company is committed to developing products with future-friendly designs. This commitment has led the company to create products which are 100% recyclable and made with a minimum of 35% recycled content. Busch Systems has a product portfolio detailing hundreds of green products, each of which are custom designed to build the best recycling program possible for any environment.

According to a Student Representative from the Milwaukee school, “The Busch Systems Multi-Recycler was the bin that we chose to handle the needs of our residence halls recycling program.  Since implemented, the bins have helped us on our way to our final goal of 100% recycling on campus.”

For information:
Contact: 1-800-565-9931