Red Wiggler Worm for VermicompostingYou’ve mastered the Green Recycling Bin. You’re a Compost Connoisseur and ready to conquer the next level of being green by trying your hand at vermicomposting. But wait a second….worms!?

Yes, worms. More specifically, Red Wiggler worms! Red Wigglers (Eisenia fetida) are the most recognized and endorsed type of worm for vermicomposting. These remarkable organisms hold the key to your composting success. To get inspired, here are a few fun facts about these creatures:

  • They love the nightlife! Red Wigglers are photosensitive; therefore, they love the dark.
  • A pound is a party! One pound of Red Wiggler is approximately 1,000 worms.
  • Red Wigglers can eat about half of their weight in food each day. Compost smorgasbord anyone?
  • Red Wigglers can live up to four years but take only six weeks to grow from baby to reproducing adult.
  • Red Wigglers have five (yes, five!) hearts – that’s a lot of wormy love!

If you’re ready to have a vermicompost bin wiggle its way into your home, you can download our ‘How To Guide’ to get started. We also encourage you to explore and research all of the varying (and passionate!) opinions on worm composting. There are so many benefits to this practice that we’re sure once you get started, you’ll be equally excited about worms as we are!

And don’t forget your worm stories! Are you just starting a worm bin or do you already vermicompost? Why do you love composting with worms?

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