Busch Systems would like to congratulate the University of California for winning the Build-a-bin contest in the month of February! The University of California will be walking away with a cool $250 towards their purchase of the brand-new Waste Watcher Series recycling containers.

In case you missed it (which we don`t know how you could!) Busch Systems held a contest throughout the month of February where those who were looking to customize their own recycling containers could submit their designs for a chance to win $250.

To create and submit these brilliant designs, all the contestants had to do was head to our website and cruise through our innovative Build-a-bin platform, which quickly turns the average Jane/Joe into the Frank Lloyd Wright of recycling stations!

Heaps of organizations, schools, service companies, companies and clubs entered the contest by submitting some very creative recycling bins and stations. This morning, by the technologically advanced method of picking a piece of paper out of—fittingly—a Waste Watcher Series Paper Only recycling bin, University of California was luckily chosen as the Build-a-bin contest winner.

For those who did not win, don’t be discouraged! On the bright side, you’ve unleashed your creative genius and moved one step closer to blasting off a fresh recycling program. And on the even brighter side, since the contest was so popular, Busch Systems may have some more surprises to come.