Doesn’t green pizza sound absolutely delicious? No, I’m not talking about an extra-large pizza covered in green peppers, green onions, and green olives. I’m talking about recycling! Next time you order a cheesy pizza make it an “eco-pizza”!

Pizza boxes are not completely recyclable. Well, they are until they get greasy and cheesy from your delicious pizza! The reason greasy pizza boxes aren’t recyclable is in the recycling process itself. When recycling paper products, like cardboard boxes, they are broken down by water.

If the paper is covered in grease or other food residue, it will cause a layer of oil to form at the top of the mixture, preventing the paper fibers from separating. When this occurs, the whole batch of recyclables is ruined and can no longer be re-used.

This is the reason we need to be aware of what we can and can’t recycle. Remember, just because it has the recycle symbol on it, doesn’t mean it can always be safely recovered. Keep in mind that many municipalities accept the grease covered boxes for composting. To find out if your municipality composts greasy pizza boxes, check with your area’s recycling program to find out how to properly dispose of your boxes.

Eliminating E-waste One Slice at a Time

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Don’t forget about some of the awesome ways you can get your hands on some FREE pizza as a reward for simply being green! Some pizza restaurants, like PIZZAPIZZA, have offers like “Give a device, get a free slice” in celebration of Earth month. By giving them an old electronic device, they will not only properly recycle it for you, but you will also get a free slice of pizza as a thank you. That sounds like a delicious trade-off to me!

That sounds like a delicious trade-off to me!

The Green Box

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One company has gone as far as creating an “eco-friendly” pizza box called “The Green Box.”
Not only is each pizza box is made up of 100% recycled material, but this box can easily be converted from a regular pizza box, into four plates and a smaller sized box perfect for storing any leftovers in the refrigerator.

Although this innovative idea does reduce the use of other materials like paper plates or paper towels, it doesn’t make the box itself recyclable because it still gets covered in pizza grease. This idea is getting the pizza world one step closer to being green with every delivery they make!

 What to Do With Those Greasy Boxes?

Eco-Friendly Pizza Box

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Now, I know that you’ve been avoiding putting your pizza boxes in the trash, and they are starting to stack up in your living room. Not to worry, we have some great ways to put those greasy boxes to good use! One of the simplest solutions is to just cut off all the clean pieces of the cardboard, recycle them and place the rest in the trash or the compost.

If you wanted to up-cycle the entire box, there are many great options you can try!

  • Pizza Sports

The fun doesn’t have to end once all the pizza is gone, turn that used pizza box into a table top soccer game! Easily cut out nets on either end, grab a ping pong ball and some straws to blow the ball into you opponents net! Soccer’s not your sport? That’s ok, how about turning your pizza box into basketball hoop! This is a personal favorite accessory to any recycling bin. Simply cut out a hole in the bottom of the box, and hang the top half on the wall above your recycling bin. Anytime you have something to recycle, show off your free-throw skills and toss those recyclables through the hoop! Who knew the combination of pizza and recycling could improve your game and show off your athleticism!

Anytime you have something to recycle, show off your free-throw skills and toss those recyclables through the hoop! Who knew the combination of pizza and recycling could improve your game and show off your athleticism!

  • Pizza Decorations

Pizza boxes also make great canvases! One coat of paint can transform the box from grease to glam! Hang your beautiful new art work on the wall and in only a matter of minutes you have the perfect decoration for any room on a budget of roughly 1 cheesy pepperoni pizza.

  • Pizza Chairs

Looking to furnish your space? Pizza boxes actually make some pretty comfortable chairs! Save up those pizza boxes and impress your visitors with these stylish home-made chairs! This is a great solution for students looking to furnish a dorm room or any lover of all things pizza!

After eating your next order, it’s time to do your slice and properly recycle the box! (I hope that wasn’t too cheesy for your taste buds)

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