Scope 3 Inventory: When Assumptions Meet Data


Original Air Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2024 @ 1:00pm ET


The goods and services that universities, government agencies and other large organizations purchase as part of their regular operations can add up to a significant percentage of their carbon footprint. Like other scope 3 emissions, however, it’s traditionally been very difficult to measure these and other consumption-based impacts, leaving EPP strategies to rely on guesswork and assumptions. But as sustainability efforts mature from more of an aspiration to a firm commitment, a growing number of organizations are searching for ways to connect procurement to actual data.

This webinar featured real-world examples of large organization’s efforts to inventory consumption-based environmental impacts and find ways to use the data to guide procurement decisions.

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Moderated by:

ALEC COOLEY, Senior Advisor @ Busch Systems

With Guest Speaker:

MACKENZIE BRADBURY, Sustainability and Eco-Impact Coordinator @ Busch Systems