Barrie, Ontario, May 26, 2014 — Busch Systems has announced the latest addition to their growing line of recycling, waste, and compost bins with the Concourse. A complement to the popular Big Bin 45 container, the Concourse is a direct response to consumer demand for a low-cost, high-volume, duo-stream collection option from the company.

Busch Systems has been a world leader in the design and manufacturing of recycling, compost, and waste containers since the company’s inception in 1985. Busch Systems designs more new molded recycling and waste containers than all other manufacturers combined.
“The Concourse is perfect for clients who’ve asked for one centralized container to handle two streams” states Serena Brooks, Sales & Marketing Manager for Busch Systems. “The large, clearly marked openings make it convenient for the user. We want people to be able to choose to recycle quickly and easily rather than throw everything away, a big problem in high-traffic areas.”
In addition to offering two collection options, the Concourse serves both indoor and outdoor environments. The rugged design is suitable to withstand the elements and personnel will be pleased with the ease at which the bags can be changed, easing the struggle with liners or complicated bag systems. The Concourse truly offers an easy option that will satisfy budgetary and collection concerns.
“The placement options for the Concourse are endless as this bin will be equally at home in a scholastic setting, a busy promenade, park or bustling office” states Brooks. “This isn’t the first time we’ve been able to quickly respond to customer demand and we love being able to give our customers what they’ve asked for.”
Like all Busch Systems products, the Concourse can be customized with signage for any collection program and offers a variety of engaging signage options to choose from.
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An industry leader for over twenty-five years, Busch Systems has expanded internationally, with a product portfolio detailing upward of two hundred products. Busch Systems develops more new molded recycling, waste, and compost containers than all other manufacturers combined.

Busch Systems, a leading manufacturer of recycling, waste, and compost containers is excited to announce the launch of a new recycling bin. The Concourse offers a high-volume and low-cost option for two-stream recycling programs.