Winthrop University Recycling Program

Winthrop University Recycle BinsWinthrop University is a governmental agency that provides recycling collection on our campus to increase awareness and participation in recycling and preserve landfill space. An award winning program, Winthrop’s W·E·C·A·R·E recycling program has been in place since 1991. The ultimate outcome of our program is to ensure that the entire University community actively participates in reducing solid waste by recycling; does not dispose of solid waste improperly; understands the benefits of these actions; and continue practicing responsible methods of disposing solid waste wherever they may live, work, or play.

Multi Recycling Bins WinthropOur efforts are geared to making recycling accessible and convenient. To further that mission we have ordered and standardized the Busch Systems Multi Recycler recycling containers in all residence hall rooms and offices to increase recognition of our recycling efforts. One of the main reasons we chose Busch Systems was the, flexibility, availability and quality of its product as well as its commitment to sustainability.


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