Recycling Bins BoothDoing business in North America is amazing, we love that we can manufacture and sell right here at home. The amount of growth in waste and recycling management in this continent is incredible! Even over the last 10 years, curbside recycling programs have skyrocketed in number and people are becoming increasingly aware and interested in the benefits of recycling. We have also seen a lot more tradeshows being held, which is awesome. Tradeshows help municipalities, distributers, businesses and schools get a better understanding of what recycling resources are available to them and what new products can help them create a great recycling program!

The Canadian Waste and Recycling Expo is Canada’s only waste and recycling tradeshow, and yes of course Busch Systems will be there! We love going to shows and meeting new people, networking and just being able to really talk about how recycling can make a difference. The expo goes from November 14th to 15th at the International Centre in Toronto, Canada. So if you live in that area, stop by for a visit we’d love to see you!

“From the Recycling Experts”

by Nick Stocki