January 24, 2011.  Barrie, ON – Busch Systems International is excited to be in alliance with Indiana Recycling Coalition for the Alcoa’s Public Space Recycling Bin Grant Program.  It is anticipated that 40-50 grants will be given across Indiana with an average of 10-15 recycling bins per recipient.  The grants are determined based on the ability to offer and encourage public recycling.

The perfect solution for waste diversion and recycling in centralized high traffic areas

The perfect solution for waste diversion and recycling in centralized high traffic areas.

The selected product line for this partnership is the Smart Sort from Busch Systems.  The Smart Sort from Busch Systems is perfect for centralized area placement.  There are a variety of lid and label options including a paper flap with stamping.  Lids, stickers, openings and flaps can also be customized.  The Smart Sort allows for the creation of a simple, effective recycling and waste station that is attractive in any environment.  The Smart Sort also offers a connector kit option for added stability and durability.

Busch Systems  Regional Manager Jarrod Cameron was pretty ecstatic with the news; “I have always been a fan of the Smart Sort Series, the various colors and stamping options make this item one of my biggest sellers in the college, university and community markets.”  He adds, “We offer Vinyl wrapping which looks absolutely incredible, I could see this option as a great opportunity to support team spirit in schools and is an excellent solution for placing recycling facts on the sides of the bins in communities and public recycling spaces.  This educates the public as to which items go where making for less confusion and a more productive sort.”

To Busch Systems  President and Founder Craig Busch, the news is just another opportunity for Busch Systems Products to help in the diversion of waste.  “We are a company who has been in operation for over 25 years; we pride ourselves on our quality products and service.  Behind every selection we make when it comes to our product line, there has been a combination of passion and practicality.  We create compost, waste and recycling containers with the goal to help communities locally and internationally create an effective sort.  The more we recycle and less we waste, the greater impact we will have on the environment and its preservation.  Knowing that another community has selected our product line to feature in their grant program is very rewarding for Busch Systems.  We look forward to this partnership in the months to come.”  For more information on the Smart Sort Series  or other products offered through Busch Systems please visit www.buschsystems.com.  To learn more about the Indiana Recycling Coalition Public Space Bin Grant click here.