Busch Systems Uptown Series Triple Container

We proudly welcome the Uptown Triple to our product family as we continue to provide innovative solutions to centralized recycling and waste collection.

As with the Uptown Single & Double, the new Triple station adds a third stream to enhance diversion rates in a stylish and functional unit while still offering the customization options we’re famous for.

Like its other Uptown counter parts, the Triple is rotationally molded for added durability and its lockable, double-walled front door ensures easy servicing. The angled surface design of the bin directs condensation away from the front and discourages materials being left on top. Its three, 32-gallon liners are amply sized for high-traffic collection and built-in deflectors streamline a clean sort, preventing cross-contamination.

When it comes to a unique container and recycling systems that can service your program and your style, three is definitely not a crowd with the Uptown Triple!

Busch Systems Kovah Series Container