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One of the basic components of sustainability is recycling. Recycling can improve the quality of the environment, reduce the amount of material waste generated, and reuse materials as secondary products. Recycling can also improve the overall elegance of a space with designer recycling containers.

Nothing says luxury like the Kovah recycling & waste container. It’s incredibly sleek and minimalist design is refreshingly breathtaking for a design element that is often overlooked. The Kovah bin rewards those who don’t overlook the finite details of a space. This container is perfect for executive offices, boardrooms, lobbies or retail outlets.


Stainless Steel

Features of the Kovah recycling and waste bin include

  • 20-gauge stainless steel
  • Modern & sleek design
  • Rigid recycled plastic liners
  • Scratch-resistant composite lid
  • 44 Gallon capacity

Find all the specifications of the Kovah recycling & waste container below:

Customize the Kovah container with:

  • Custom Labeling
  • Kovah Opening Labels
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