1)      Storage Options

waste basket should be easily stored and convenient to use. When selecting a waste container ensure that it optimizes the space it occupies. Some of the storage alternatives available are: compact bins which link onto preexisting recycling programs or hanging bins which clear up kitchen counter space.

Busch Systems, the industry leader in waste and recycling containers strives to develop space efficient baskets. One of the product lines which Busch has created for such is ‘The Hanging Waste Basket’. This container is custom designed to slide under the bottom draw of desks so to free up leg room and optimize unused space.

To view the complete Busch product catalogue visit: www.buschsystems.com.

2)      Intelligent Design

An intelligently designed waste basket works toward the reduction and prevention of odor, mold, and mildew from the outside in. One of the ways in which this can be accomplished is through the design, manufacturing and implementation of waste basket lids which are easily opened, sealable, and effective at enclosing waste. Proper lid production and usage will reduce and/or eliminate the effects of waste contamination.

3)      Capacity

There are two key elements to consider when determining the best sized container for your environment: what degree of traffic is anticipated and how often will the waste be collected. A waste basket should be sufficiently sized to avoid reaching capacity prior to collection and the lingering of waste.

When selecting the capacity of a container it may be beneficial to evaluate its end use and seek the input of others. Consulting others will empower and encourage the containers end use and assist in the decision making process.

4)      Aesthetically Pleasing

A waste container should not resemble its contents! It should be aesthetically pleasing while maintaining visual indicators and successfully blending with its surroundings. Busch Systems offers various label, color and hot stamping solutions to customize baskets to suit several competing environments.

‘The Waste Watcher’ is an example of an aesthetically pleasing yet functional product line available at Busch. The container has a sleek narrow body to minimize occupied floor space while maximizing density and storability. It comes equipped with top facing labels and insertion slots for clean, clear and vibrant recycling.

5)      Suitability

The container selected should be tailored to the demographic using it. For example, a waste basket designed for a bus stop will have different practical needs than that of a kindergarten classroom. Ensuring the container is user friendly and suited to its surroundings is essential to a successful waste management program.

6)      Proper Placement

After you have selected the right container ensure that it is placed in an appropriate location in relation to other bins, as even a perfectly selected basket is counterproductive when located next to another. Strategically mapping out where the container would best be dispensed will maximize results and waste collection.

7)      Offers Competitive Advantage

Busch offers real, tangible and advantageous alternatives to waste collection which its competitors fail to. One of these competitive advantages is the internal bag hooking option, which enables a garbage bag to be hung within a waste basket using a swivel interlocking system. This is beneficial for the consumer as it enhances the containers appearance, improves its overall productivity and reduces the contact collectors have with waste.

8)      Ease of Collection

A waste basket should be specifically designed to maximize the ease, convenience and functionality of use and collection. A successful waste program incorporates convenience into its design, manufacturing and implementation; effectively utilizing such container options as wheels, handles or grips for simplified maneuverability and collection.

9)      Environmentally Conscious

Your recycling bin doesn’t have to be the only green thing in your space! Busch has developed products which stray from traditional metal waste basket alternatives, creating plastic containers compiled of the least virgin materials possible. These containers are able to hold upward of 600 lbs of waste, are 100% recyclable and made of a minimum of 35% recycled content. This in turn has a reduced effect on our environment and diminishes our carbon footprint.

10)   Security

With the ever growing threat of identity theft resulting from discarded materials containing personal data, it is critical that secure waste options are available. A waste container should offer safe temporary storage of unwanted materials, free of the threat of theft. Keyed containers are one of the ways in which security can be accomplished. All containers can be keyed alike and equipped with tamper proof locking systems for efficient protection and collection of your valued information.

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