Compost food items

Are you tired of the excessive amount of perfectly edible food that gets wasted annually? Then the Environmental Protection Agency’s Food Recovery Challenge (FRC) might be right up your alley.

The FRC is perfect for businesses, organizations or even individuals who are looking for ways to cut down on food waste.

Food waste is a little bit of a problem in the United States, as much as thirty percent of food, worth about $48 million, is being tossed annually.

The cost to toss food goes far beyond what’s just on your plate.

Food Waste Statistics

Any business or organization can join the Food Recovery Challenge which helps lower your environmental impact while making your company look good, a win-win situation for both you and the environment.

Here are some other benefits to joining the FRC:

  • Less waste = lower waste disposal fees
  • Get your name on the EPA website
  • Get your businesses name out there via awards and recognition on social media
  • A free climate change report that you can proudly display on your website and marketing material

Sounds pretty darn good to us!

The EPA encourages organizations to follow their Food Recovery Hierarchy, which is an incredibly nifty table to help prioritize the best ways to cut down on food waste.

Food Recovery Hierarchy

If your business doesn’t generate food waste, there`s there still a way to take part. By becoming an Endorser, you can still have a role in the FRC but in a supportive capacity. Endorsers, which can be trade associations, religious groups, individuals, government agencies, non-profits, etc., can provide resources and support for challenge participants.

If you`re interested in signing yourself or your business up for the Food Recovery Challenge, head on over to the Environmental Protection Agency`s website to stop wasting today.