As the world gets ready for Earth Day 2011 on April 22nd, a school organization in Texas is encouraging students to go the extra step and observe Earth Month. Best of all, they are running a contest for inventive, inclusive and innovative Earth Month projects.

Green Ribbon Schools is an organization working with 160+ schools in Texas to help students reach their potential through green initiatives and healthy living. What a great concept!

Green Ribbon Schools is based upon 4 Cornerstones:

1)      Environmentally-Friendly Campus – encourages students to create and maintain an environmentally responsible school setting.

2)      Nature Adventure – encourages outdoor activities

3)      Health, Fitness & Nutrition – encourages life-long healthy habits

4)      Natural Classrooms – includes nature into the school curriculum

The Earth Month Contest challenges students to “Show Your Greenness” and post their green activities. Then, they try to include as many other students as possible into their activity. Their activity goes before a panel of Green Ribbon judges who will choose six winners based on:  1) how many people are involved and/or impacted and 2) the positive impact the activity had on the environment. Contest deadline is May 6.

Perhaps best of all, the top 6 winners will win recycling products from Busch Systems. The top 2 winners receive $500 worth of Busch Systems recycling containers and the top 3-6 winners will receive $250 worth of Busch Systems recycling bins.

These students will impact change in their school and their community. However, their impact doesn’t stop there. The top 6 winners will be armed with Busch Systems recycle containers to ensure future school recycling programs continue throughout the year.

What was once Earth Day, became Earth Week, then Earth Month. With a little help from Busch Systems recycle bins, the students hope to make sure it is Earth Day EVERY day of the year.