Multi RecyclersWhen it comes to getting kids involved in recycling, one of the most important approaches you can use is color. By making recycle bins fun and easy to use, recycling becomes more enjoyable for the younger set. When recycling becomes more enjoyable, it becomes easier to promote.

One of the biggest problems in getting kids excited about recycling is the containers themselves. Commonly used colors such as blue and gray are standard in the industry. However, they do little to foster an environment which is either exciting or fun for kids. If you are running a recycling program that involves children, think about adding a splash of color to your recycling bins and see what it does for your program.

Recycling can be serious business. It is an important component of the “Three R’s” and encouraging children to start at a young age goes a long way to increased sustainability. However, just because recycling is important, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Thanks to innovative thinkers in the recycling industry, there are now recycling containers available which make recycling exciting and appealing for kids of all ages.

Recycling Station for KidsThe standard 3 stream recycling station is now available in primary colors which feature stickers and an easy-to-use design that helps kids understand the importance of separating recyclables in a fun way. Let’s face it, knowing which recyclables go in which bins can be daunting even for adults. Therefore, by making recycling simple, we can help ensure recycling among children is as easy as possible. The use of bright colors, cartoon characters and simple signage can go a long way to simplifying recycling for kids.

Here’s how it works: by using recycling bins splashed with familiar primary colors such as yellow, blue and red, you can help make recycling stations easy to recognize for children. After all, these colors blend well into a school’s environment. In addition, bright colors, stickers and signs can help point the way to a clean sort. The key is to keep things simple. By using primary colors and basic signage, we can avoid the pratfalls of over-thinking our recycling message. Signage which is laden with text and images may not easily convey the message of your recycling program. However, using simple colors and openings can help direct kids to recycle. It really is that simple!

Give it a try. If your recycling program is not all it can be, consider kid-friendly recycling bins as an option. If you make recycling bins so simple that even a child can use them, you may just find the adults fall in line.”,”Red and Blue are the New Green: Using Color to Encourage Recycling with Kids