Recycling has become second nature for many of us, whether at home or in public spaces, there is always an opportunity to recycle, yet in the workplace reducing waste seems to be an afterthought. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, less than 10% of businesses in the United States were recycling as of 2011. Keep America Beautiful (KAB) is on a mission to remedy this low percentage with their Recycling @ Work program, getting companies to take a pledge to recycle more in the workplace. Busch Systems is dedicated to help with this mission by offering a 15% discount for taking the pledge. Please visit .

Recycling in the office can be a rewarding experience for everyone and it comes with many benefits:

Protects the Environment –We all know that recycling helps protect the environment, reducing the pollutants that can affect the air we breathe and the water we drink. Who doesn’t want to help the environment?

Boosts Morale –Getting the whole office involved in a cause like helping the environment is a great way to boost morale! Having a contest to see which individuals or departments can reduce the most waste is a great way to get more employees recycling. A little healthy competition all the while contributing to a great cause!

Saves Money – By reducing the amount of waste that the office produces, the less trash needs to be collected, which saves the company money on disposal costs.

Saves Energy – Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to listen to a full album on your iPod. Recycling 100 cans could light your bedroom for two whole weeks, and this is just one of many ways one can save energy through recycling

Makes the Company Look Great – A company that shows initiative in green projects like recycling shows customers that your office has a genuine concern for the environment.  Other offices may even follow your lead and begin their own recycling regime. As long as everyone is recycling we all win!

The benefits that come with recycling in the office make it a no brainer for a company start reducing their waste.  Don’t waste time! Take the pledge today and help keep America beautiful.

Tips to start your own recycling program at the office –