Why risk having your recycling bins topple over, look unorganized or even worse, go missing? When you connect your bins together to form a secure, stable recycling station, you eliminate any of these unpleasant possibilities. Plus to make things better, you expand your collection stream, ensuring more material is recycled and not discarded as waste.

The Recycling Bin Connector Kit is a great solution for just this thing! A small and very handy device, connectors offer a great solution to a clean, and sleek recycling station that won’t go astray. AND they are cost effective.  This connector kit is your answer to immediate stationary recycling, allowing you to connect as many individual containers to each other as you please.  It may sound tricky, but they actually install into place with little effort and time. Instantly, your single recycling bin is transformed into a multi stream recycle station.

What happens if your recycling program changes and/or increases or decreases in size?  No problem – the connectors can be removed just as easily as they are attached, giving you the flexibility to adjust your collection system as you please.

When recycling containers are convenient and easy to use, participation rates are sure to increase. Furthermore, when bins are in close proximity to one another, it promotes good recycling habits, and less contamination.  The connectors immediately expand your recycling station to include multiple collection streams, thus allowing more material to be collected in one location. Most importantly, the connectors provide a sturdy and organized area for recycling, which will save you time and hassle when the recycling bins need to be emptied. Collection can be done in one given spot!

Also, recycling bins that are connected together, stay together. Recycling bins are a lot less likely to go missing if they are connected together forming a centralized collection station.

If you’re looking to increase the efficiency of your recycling program, consider using the Connector Kits.  Available for both the Waste Watcher and Smart Sort series recycling bins, this little accessory can work big wonders for your recycling bins.


“From the Recycling Experts”

by Brooke Squires