One of the biggest impediments to an effective recycling program is the trash can. Everywhere we go, it is far too easy to simply throw everything into a readily accessible and all-too-easy-to-use trash bin. Only by making it easy to recycle will we ever see an increase in our recycling rates. Want to increase the number of recyclables collected in your area? Make sure you have recycling bins competing with your garbage cans.

Only by placing recycling containers right next to the garbage can we ensure that they will be effectively used on a regular basis. For far too long, it has been far too easy to simply throw cans, bottles, and paper into the trash bin. It’s time to make your recycle bins compete with the garbage. This will help increase the amount of recycling in your home or office and will increase the effectiveness of your recycling program. Best of all, it’s easier than you think. It’s all in the recycling bins you choose and where you place them.

When it comes to recycling in the home, it is very important to be sure that you use small, portable, and preferably stackable recycling bins to compete with the garbage can in your house. By making recycling easy to do, you will make sure the members of your household participate fully in recycling. Furthermore, using a kitchen compost collector, which is conveniently located, can help divert plenty of food scraps from your garbage can. Portable and effective compost bins make waste diversion easier than you think.

When it comes to competing with garbage cans at the office or workplace, the key is to choose centralized recycling bins that feature higher capacities and are thus more apt to be used effectively. If your office recycling containers are too small, they could fill up quickly and people may be inclined to toss recyclables into the trash. Another feature that allows your recycling containers to compete with the trash cans at work is clearly marked recycling signage. By communicating which recyclables go in which bins, you are encouraging people at your workplace to participate in the recycling program and help divert items from the waste stream. Consider recycling bins that allow you to customize the signage so that you can add your own messages. This can be a very effective means of increasing recycling participation as well. A sign which displays a “feel good” recycling fact or states how recycling can change the world will go a long way toward increasing participation in your program.

Implementing any of these steps will greatly increase participation in your recycling efforts by those around you. By allowing your recycling bins to compete with the traditional garbage can, you can help change the mindset of people and assist in the diversion of waste from our landfills. Give the recycling bin a fighting chance. Take action today!