Let’s face it, we all have someplace in our houses, apartments, classrooms, daycares, or offices that we wish could stay a little more neat and organized.  It seems there is always one more thing that needs a place to be stored or a small child keeps moving your belongings from their original location.  Have you tried everything to keep an area clean and organized?  Are you hoping there is another way?

You are in luck!  Kick those old, heavy (and oftentimes ugly) storage units to the curb.  Bring in reinforcements in style, with the Multi-Recycler Series.  A recycle bin originally designed for home and apartment recycling efforts has evolved into a modern-day organizational superhero.  The Multi-Recycler: The recycling bin that is not just for recycling anymore!

For starters, your garage is home to plenty of household items that play (believe it or not) a big role in your happiness at home.  Your gardening equipment, your power tools, paintbrushes, and accessories, just to name a few.  The real question is how do you keep all of these items organized and easy to find when you want to use them?

Where do I store these items?  What can I use to keep these tools/toys neat and tidy?  If these are common questions of yours then the Multi-Recycler Bin may be your answer.  The ability to stack, sort, and carry the bins is what makes them far more versatile than any other recycle bin.

These handy containers come in blue, red, and yellow making it easy for you to distinguish which tools or toys end up in which bin.  Need to carry all your tools to where you are gardening or painting?  The container has an ergonomic handle making it easy to tote around all the tools needed to complete your landscaping or painting project.

Another idea is for your children (or you) to use these as toy organizers.  They allow for more neat storage of toys than you ever thought possible.  The bins will easily fit and stack in a small space, keeping you safe from tripping over your children’s toys.  The handle on the container also makes it easy for your child to take their favorite bin of toys and ‘quietly’ play with them elsewhere.  When they are done it is as easy as putting all the toys back in one bin and bringing it back to re-stack.

These bins are also great tools for daycares and grade school classrooms.  The Multi-Recycler will take the after-hours work out of your job by making the organization fun and effortless for students.  By giving them an easy way to tidy up after themselves they are much more likely to do so.  You know your students are going to want to know exactly where their favorite activity or toy is when they arrive the next morning, and teaching them how to be organized at the same time seems like a no-brainer.

The most important factor to remember is convenience in your home organizational efforts.  If you have limited space in your garage, shed, or playroom, choose a container that is stackable and easily portable.

By selecting a bin that matches your lifestyle, you will ensure you maximize your efforts to the things that matter, not cleaning up after them. Organizing really can be easier than you think.

At the very least, you will also have a container that doubles as a recycling bin as well. It is a win-win!