recycling containers

I am the Creative Director at Maxi Container. We specialize in creating Recycling and Reusing systems for our Industrial Customers. Recently we moved to a wonderful new facility. I wanted our office and warehouse atmosphere to better reflect the idea of reusing and recycling. Previously we were actually located in Detroit, which does not offer many (if any) options for recycling. We worked in an old antiquated building and we needed a new space desperately.

I met Cassidy LeMoine at the 2011 Michigan Recycling Coalition (MRC) Annual Conference in East Lansing. The products intrigued me and Cassidy was knowledgeable and helped answer my questions. I followed up with a quick email and the next day, I rushed back down to the exhibitor’s hall to let her know we would be very interested in working together!

Maxi Container

Multi-Recycler Bins at Maxi Container Office

We are now in our new facility and finally have a Recycling System setup. I specially designed the system with their help and with our company’s individual waste stream in mind. We are currently recycling:

Paper (cardboard, mixed mail, and shredded)

Plastic (water bottles, knives, forks, etc…)

Styrofoam (coffee cups, to-go boxes)

Cans & Bottles (aluminum, glass)

Busch made us custom artwork for the Styrofoam Only stream plus they helped me coordinate EVERYTHING!!! I couldn’t have asked for better customer support. We now have multiple stations set up strategically around the office. Also, every office staff member had to trade in their trash can for a Deskside with a tiny hanging “Waste Only” basket. This visually sends a message to visitors and makes sure that the paper gets recycled. For staff who handle confidential documents, we provided a PDC (Personal Document Collector) which has a locking lid. Next to the fax machine, we have a Shredinator to collect junk faxes and copies.

cafeteria recycling

Busch Systems’ Waste Watchers in Maxi Container Lunch Room

The lunchroom/breakroom is usually the largest collection area for recycling systems. We decided to use the Waste Watchers with the connector kit. All have gray bodies but with different openings and colors for the lids. The signage makes sure that the sort is accurate. I have been very pleased within these first few weeks to see that they are WORKING!!! What else could I ask for?

Additionally, we decided to invest in two Super Sorters for outside. I noticed since moving to the new building that trash accumulates around people’s cars. They make it easy to dispose of the soda, juice, and water bottles that build up in your car. I have to say that these two Super Sorters in Greenstone are definitely the most attractive outside recycling bins I’ve seen.

I have one additional statement…. I love all of Busch Systems’ products. At home I am utilizing the Multi-Recycler and today, (Friday) at the end of the day we will distribute one to each employee with a memo about our recycling initiative.

Busch keeps me in the loop with updates on new products and interacts with us on social media. Overall I have to say that if more companies were like Busch and Maxi then business would run a lot smoother. My “Hats off to you” and on behalf of all of us here at Maxi I want to say “Thank you!”.


Joshua R.