According to the EPA, over 8% of the waste that each person generates every day could be diverted from our landfills for composting. That works out to over 160 pounds per person, per year. Each and every person could help keep their body weight out of the landfills. Will you pull your weight?

Approximately 12% of all municipal solid waste in the United States is food scraps. While it may seem like a small percentage, that equals nearly 32 million tons per year. In addition, yard waste is a major contributor to landfills. In fact, during the growing season, yard waste can amount to 50% or more of the residential solid waste stream in some communities.

While curbside organic collection has been implemented in certain communities across North America, it is not always an option in places throughout Middle America. Not to worry. Composting is a great option to help divert waste from our landfills and provide you with a wonderful way to enrich your lawn and garden.

The Indiana Recycling Coalition (IRC) holds an Annual Conference which presents great options for recycling bins and waste diversion efforts for everyone to embrace. Recycling Consultant Jarrod Cameron states, “Composting is the next logical step in our national recycling efforts. Reducing the impact on our landfills will only serve our efforts to preserve resources for this, and future generations”. Compost bins will be handed out at the IRC conference in an effort to encourage residential kitchen composting efforts.

Compost containers make it easy and accessible for each and everyone to store food scraps before transferring them to their backyard compost bin. Making it easy to collect kitchen scraps is the key to a successful household compost effort. Kitchen compost bins accomplish that very thing.

Make it easy for yourself and your household to compost kitchen food scraps. Use a convenient and accessible kitchen compost container and start composting today.

We all have the ability to keep food scraps out of our landfills. Will you pull your weight to make a difference? Consider starting your own compost today.

by Chris McBrien