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Busch Systems Waste Watcher Series

Waste Watcher Recycling Bin with Recycling Signs

We are a governmental agency that provides recycling collection, education and grants to increase awareness and participation in recycling and preserve landfill space.  To further that mission we ordered three sets of the Busch Systems Waste Watcher Centralized Collection recycling containers for our office to increase recognition of our recycling efforts.  One of the main reasons we chose Busch Systems was its commitment to sustainability and the fact all of the products contain a minimum of 35% recycled content.  The new recycling containers replaced generic 14-gallon curbside bins and brought consistency to our message.  We have been using the Waste Watcher recycling containers for about two months and are extremely satisfied with their performance.

The best part of the Busch Systems Waste Watcher recycling containers was our ability to personalize the labels and look of the containers to suit our needs.  The graphic design team at Busch Systems worked with us to customize the lid labels for both paper & co-mingled recycling and waste as well as including our logo on it and also having stickers put on the sides of the containers for better name recognition.  This was very important to us since we recently created a new logo and have been striving for consistency in the promotion of our recycling programs.

Busch Systems Waste Watcher Series Custom Signs

Custom Recycling Signs

Our new Waste Watcher recycling containers got such a positive reception at our first board meeting after receiving the containers that we are planning to order 15 additional sets to provide at each of the three county administrative offices.  The functionality and nice look of the containers really is a value added benefit and will continue to improve our recognition and recycling efforts in the community for years to come!



Erica W.

Stark-Tuscarawas-Wayne Recycling District

Bolivar, Ohio, USA

Stark-Tuscarawas-Wayne Recycles

Stark-Tuscarawas-Wayne Recycles