Do you own an apartment or rental property? Are expensive waste removal costs cutting into your bottom line?  Do you think that there is no way around it?  Well guess what, you do have other options.  How, you ask?

How about starting a recycling program that will divert waste from your waste stream as well as our landfills?  This can be easier and more beneficial to your facility than you think!  Most waste haulers are paid every time they have to come and dump your large centralized waste collection bin.  Each and every time that garbage bin becomes full you have get your waste hauler to come and empty it.  Most facilities have to empty their garbage container at least once a week.  What if you only had to empty it once every two weeks?  You would save half of your waste removal costs!

How can you do this?  Most recyclable materials are not only bad for the environment but they take up a lot of space.  How much of the space that a plastic bottle takes up is actually just air? A LOT! Think about when you have 100 plastic bottles, the wasted space increases dramatically, most of which is just air!  It can get very costly if you continue to pay your waste hauler to come and dump air.

Multi-Recycler recycling bin

The “Multi-Recycler” from Busch Systems

Unlike waste haulers, companies who pick up your recycling are actually more than likely to pay you to take recycling away.  They will break it down into reusable material and get paid by companies who want to use reusable plastic or paper products. Just think, if you had quality, durable, & easy-to-use recycling bins for each of your residents, your recycling participation will increase dramatically.  What does this mean for you? More $$$$ on your bottom line.

After hearing that, do you think it can really get any better?  Well it can!  Your facility can now use the green approach to marketing and selling your services. What if you were to provide your residents with portable, stackable recycling containers with a small enough footprint to be used in any size complex? Not only will you be generating less waste (and thus saving money), you will brand yourself as an environmentally responsible business.

If you were a home or apartment dweller and you were looking for your next place to live, would you choose the normal everyday apartment complex, or the one down the street managed by a company which is environmentally friendly and recycles?

Now that you have seen the recycling light, what will be your next step be?