Studies continue to reveal that electronic waste from devices like mobile phones, laptops, and digital cameras contain harmful toxins that are destructive to our environment if not discarded properly. So what can one do with their old cell phone or camera, they don’t wish to keep?  Recycle! It’s easy, safe and it ultimately benefits everyone!

Recycling Bin for Cell PhonesJust the other week, I had a University in New Jersey contact me looking for a solution specific to cell phone recycling. In an effort to combat the rising issue of e-waste in our landfills, they were looking to start a program specific to cell phone collection. I was thrilled to inform them that our line of e-waste bins had increased, and that we had various solutions for this type of collection. After gathering more information in regards to their plans, it was obvious the CPR (Cell Phone Recycler) was the best fit for the program size they were intending to carry out.  Multiple units of the CPR were purchased for their recycling program, and when I followed up to check on the progress I learned the units were a tremendous success! They loved the fact that the CPR signage clearly communicated the collection program, and were pleasantly shocked at how quickly the bins filled up.

It’s very encouraging to learn that more and more educational facilities and municipalities are jumping on board with safe disposal of electronic waste.  When your mobile devices are recycled instead of being discarded as waste, you are helping to keep toxic components out of landfills. Consider the harm you are preventing when you recycle cell phones!

“From the Recycling Experts”

by Cassidy Lemoine