Court-Police_Building_southwest-large_e-mail_sizeThe City of Ann Arbor, Michigan recycled over 50% of the new Justice Center’s construction waste in order to meet LEED Gold standards while building the new home location for the city’s 15th District Court and Police Department.


Justice_Center_Open_House_4-16-2011-300x200To help Ann Arbor continue its dedication to recycling for this project, staff selected Busch Systems’ Waste Watchers throughout the new building. These sharp-looking indoor recycling stations in the elevator lobbies on five floors provide easy-access recycling for everyone coming through the Justice Center. The blue Waste Watchers work perfectly to promote Ann Arbor’s new single-stream recycling with their innovative lids.


ann-arbour-300x225The contrasting and well-labelled black trash containers will help reduce contamination. By promoting the city’s 2010 upgrade to single-stream recycling Busch Systems recycling containers are helping Ann Arbor reach a goal of a citywide 60% waste diversion rate by 2012.




City of Ann Arbor