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At the Knox County Solid Waste Management District, one of our missions is to address the issues concerning solid waste management for all of Knox County and develop a method for the reduction of waste reaching the landfill.  In the spring of 2011, preparations for the Knox County Fair began.  The District decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to reduce waste going into the landfill.

Knox County Recycling Bin

A call was made to Jarrod at Busch Systems and with his knowledge of the products available, we made the choice of the Outdoor Super Sorter.  I expressed my ideas for the graphics to go on the front of the recycling containers.

Busch Systems went above and beyond what I had in mind and created a perfect logo/design. July 18 was opening day of the Knox County Fair. With the impressive recycling containers in place, the recycling of bottles and cans was a success for the whole week.

Thank You,

Tracy C.

Knox County SWMD

Vincennes, IN

Knox County

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