April 22nd is Earth Day, and as it falls on a Friday this year, many of us will be doing that “work grind” and will be observing Earth Day from our desks in the office. If you can’t get your bosses to allow you to telecommute that day (which would be ideal), then try some of these in-office ideas for greening your workspace!

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This Earth Day, why not bring a plant to work? It will literally bring some new life into the office, and might even inspire your co-workers to do the same. There are many health and wellness benefits to having greenery in the office including mood enhancement and removing toxins from the air.

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While most greenery is bound to have a positive effect in the office, here at Busch Systems we have already compiled a list of the 10 Best Plants for the Office, in case you want to go one step further to improve your quality of life at work.

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If you aren’t already recycling at work, wouldn’t Earth Day be an ideal time to start? For every ton of paper that is recycled instead of thrown in the trash, 17 trees are saved from having to be cut down! While a paperless office is best, this isn’t always realistic for every office, so it is important to have effective recycling programs in place to reduce our effect on the planet.

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While over 85% of people typically recycle at home, the rate of recycling at work drops to under 50%. A method proven effective by a Keep America Beautiful study notes that clear signage and smaller waste receptacles combined with larger, identified recycling stations can increase recycling rates in the office by up to 20%.

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While it is unlikely that you can make your office 100% greener in just one day, Earth day might just be the perfect time to look into becoming a certified green office building. There are many certifications that an organization can receive if they are working hard at becoming a sustainable workplace.

Just a few include LEED Certification, ISO 14001, as well as B Corporation (Certification). These are outside third party organizations that will audit your green efforts and certify that you are working towards a more sustainable future. If you’re not at the point where you’re ready to get certified, maybe Earth Day is a good time to look into what it takes to be certified in any of the environmental certifications.

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They act as an excellent guideline for best practices. If you’re already working towards a sustainable future, schedule your appointment this Earth Day, and show the world just how important it is to be green!

So if you are stuck in the office this Earth Day, don’t be blue, be green!

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