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Small acts – when multiplied by many people – can transform the world. Earth is the only thing we all have in common, so let’s work together to protect it!

If you’re looking for ways to increase your sustainable habits, this challenge is made for you! We designed a special 30-day challenge that includes 30 small eco-friendly acts that make a major difference to the planet!

Here’s how it works:

Over the span of 30 days choose one challenge each day to start taking steps towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. if some of the challenges don’t work for you, we’ve also listed a few alternates for yo to sub-in, or feel free to add your own unique ideas to the mix!

Challenge 1: Reusable Water Bottle

Instead of grabbing a plastic water bottle, use a reusable bottle. Only 9% of plastics are actually recycled, meaning our landfills are full of plastic. It takes approximately 450 years for plastic items such as water bottles to decompose. Every time you reach for a reusable bottle you are diverting plastic from the landfill and creating a healthier environment.

Challenge 2: Shorter Showers

Taking a shorter shower reduces water consumption. We recognize that this may affect the amount of time you have to showcase your amazing shower vocals, but just sing to your mirror instead for the day!

Challenge 3: Buy Local

Purchasing local whenever possible reduces the impact of carbon emissions needed to import items from around the world.

Challenge 4: No More Straws

Straws are a harmful single-use plastic that often has severe consequences on our ocean life. Replace a single-use straw with a metal or reusable one.

Challenge 5: Educate Yourself On How To Recycle

Research your local Recycling standards to ensure you are Recycling properly in your region. You can also educate yourself on other opportunities to divert less common Waste materials. For example, did you know your old cellphone can be recycled?

Challenge 6: Get Receipts Emailed

How often do you find a random receipt on the ground? How about in your purse? In the car? They are everywhere! Including our landfills. Some ink used to print receipts can also hold toxins that are damaging to our environment. Next time you shop, ask each store for an emailed copy of your receipt. Choosing emailed receipts when possible can reduce paper waste in the landfill and in your wallet, or wherever you stash them.

Challenge 7: Use Reusable Bags

Use a reusable bag instead of a plastic one when possible. OR you could always see how many items you can carry in your two hands? Either way, you are eliminating the need for a plastic bag, and that’s a win for the environment!

Challenge 8: Donate Clothing

When you decide you no longer need an item of clothing, donate it! Giving it to donation centers instead of the Landfill allows it the chance to regain purpose.

Challenge 9: Hang Clothes To Dry

Let your clothing air dry to avoid excess energy usage! Even energy-efficient dryers use more hydro than it takes to hang your clothes to dry.

Challenge 10: Buy In Bulk

Avoid individually packaged items and opt to buy in bulk! Many bulk stores welcome mason jars and reusable containers, and buying items in bulk often avoids plastic or non-recyclable packaging!

Challenge 11: Rinse Out Recyclables

Wash all recyclables and let them dry prior to Recycling to prevent contamination.

Challenge 12: Don’t Waste Water

Water is vital for life and scarce in many countries, try not to Waste it! Turn off the tap when not in use.

Challenge 13: Purchase Sustainable Items

Every purchase matters. Purchasing sustainably means you are supporting products made ethically; that can save valuable resources such as water, land, and more. It also takes your money away from companies that don’t support

Challenge 14: Take A Cold Shower

Energy is required to heat water, so by taking a colder shower you can reduce your energy usage.

Challenge 15: Recycle 5 Items

By Recycling, you are diverting Waste from the Landfill and giving it the chance to be made into a new item. Be a part of the solution, not the Pollution!

Challenge 16: Turn The Lights Off

Are you constantly being told to turn off the lights? Well, you should listen! Turning off your lights is another simple way to reduce energy consumption.

Challenge 17: Say Goodbye To Produce Bags

If you wash your vegetables or fruit when you get home, there is no reason for a bag anyway! There are also reusable produce bags available at many grocery stores and online retailers! This will drastically cut down on plastic pollution.

Challenge 18: Eco-Friendly Transportation

Bike, walk, rollerblade, carpool, public transit, magic broomstick, there are so many eco-friendly transportation options that can help cut down on carbon emissions.

Challenge 19: Reusable Mug

If you go out and get coffee or tea, bring a reusable mug! Some places may even give you a discount. Save the earth and save some money!

Challenge 20: Buy Second Hand

Find value from other donations. This will help limit the need for producing more fast fashion, which has a major environmental impact. You never know what kinds of gems other people have given away. One person’s donation is another person’s treasure.

Challenge 21: Sign An Environmental Petition

The earth is a fine place and worth fighting for! In your spare time, find a petition you are passionate about and sign it to show support, then share it with your friends and family! Legislative changes can have the largest impact of all.

Challenge 22: Divert Of Organics Properly

Are your eyes bigger than your stomach? Have you ever gone to the grocery store with a late-night craving and end up with far more food than you need? We’ve all been there. In the times that you have excess food waste, ensure you are diverting your organics from the landfill so that you aren’t contributing to greenhouse gas emissions! Composting is key!

Challenge 23: Educate A Friend About Recycling

If you learn something, teach it to someone else! Why not “recycle” your learning and help someone else see the benefits of being more environmentally conscious?

Challenge 24: Use Eco-Friendly Supplies

Research before you buy supplies, materials, or utensils. If you are feeling creative, there are many recipes online that can help you make the supplies you need instead of purchasing them. Challenge yourself to create one homemade item you might have otherwise purchased.

Challenge 25: Reuse Recyclable Items

Find a creative purpose for something recyclable! For example, turning a tin can into a plant holder, or using mason jars as storage, the list goes on!

Challenge 26: Read An Environmentally Focused Blog

No, this one doesn’t count for the purpose of this challenge! Educate yourself on the latest news about what is happening on earth by searching up an environmental article. Read about Recycling, forests, or even the oceans. There are endless options! You can also challenge yourself to follow some environmental activists on social media! This will help you learn every time you scroll through your feed.

Challenge 27: Switch To Paperless Mail When Possible

Opt to receive mail through email when possible to reduce paper waste! Not only is it more convenient in most cases, but it reduces the need to cut down trees in the long run.

Challenge 28: Use The Dishwasher Instead Of Washing Dishes By Hand

You might be thinking, can this really be more environmentally friendly? The answer is usually yes! Loading the dishwashers can be more efficient than washing dishes by hand because it cleans more dishes with one load of water. Plus, it’s much less time-consuming. It’s a win-win situation!

Challenge 29: Buy A Plant

Plants produce oxygen and are known to encourage a healthy environment. Plant an entire garden if you want too! Every plant counts towards a greener lifestyle!

Challenge 30: Tell 5 Friends, To Help Everyone On The Planet

Imagine the difference you oculd make by getting 5 friends inspired to make these small changes as well. Then, if they tell 5 friends, it becomes a domino effect that spreads much further than you can imagine. Let’s work together to save our earth by sharing our passion with others.

Alternate Options

As mentioned above, we want to make sure everyone has options for the 30-day challenge. If some of these challenges don’t work for you, here are some options to switch them out:

Power Down when Possible- Turn off everything you can, conserve energy!
Wash Clothing in Cold- Conserve power that is needed to heat water
Meat Free Day- Reduces greenhouse gas emissions that are needed to produce and transport meat.
Share an Environmental focused Article- Let other people know what you are interested in!
Borrow before Buy- Avoid purchasing new books or clothes for special occasions if you can borrow from someone else.

Now that you’ve read through your options, what are you waiting for? Start your 30-day challenge and change some of your daily habits now! All it takes are a few small changes to create one major step towards living a sustainable lifestyle and promoting a healthier planet.