Do you have problems with bears or other animals getting into your recycling containers and trash cans? If you had a recycling bin or waste container that would help keep them out, would it make your life easier around your home or cottage?

If it would, read on…..

As you know, putting garbage cans or recycle bins outside of your home or cottage in rural areas is like ringing the dinner bell for wild animals. Animals are creatures of habit and will come around as long as there is food. If you cut off the food supply, they go away. It really is that easy.

Since leaving garbage containers and recycle bins indoors is not a reasonable solution, you have no choice but to put everything outside. However, your standard garbage receptacle or open recycling bin is like a buffet table for wild animals in the area.

Okay, what to do?

Here’s a checklist we’ve all used at one point or another (let’s be honest):

  • Put a lid on your garbage can. Check.
  • Make sure lid has metal handles which secure the lid. Check.
  • Place a concrete block on top of trash cans. Check.
  • Put garbage bin inside a wooden box. Check.

The animals still get into your waste bins and recycling containers right?

Sure they do.

  • What if you had a garbage bin that automatically locked when the hinged lid was closed?
  • What if the lock release was hidden up inside the lip where animals couldn’t get to it?
  • What if the waste bin had sturdy wheels for easy transport to the curb?
  • What if the bin had an internal child safety release latch?

To be sure to keep bears and other pesky wildlife out of your trash, arm yourself with a Bear Resistant Container.

Keeping bears out of your garbage containers and recycling bins is becoming mandatory in some areas. Bear and wildlife measures have been adopted by several communities across North America. Several localities, such as one in British Columbia have gone so far as to adopt by-laws requiring residents to store trash and recyclables in bear resistant containers.

Cut off the food supply to for wild animals. Your family and neighbours will thank you. Who knows….it just may be the law.

Will you do your part?

For detailed information on the Bear Resistant Container, please visit the new Bear Proof Bin website.

 by Chris McBrien